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ecdis1 Cost of Training

• Our product, PM3D has been successful in achieving navigational safety and has also been able to satisfy 100% of the IHO ECDIS Dataset Test, International Standards and norms set by the Korean government.

Cost of Equipment

• Also, PM3D has been certified by EU MED and Korea Government.

Cost of Maintenance

• Since we have in-house technologic development, in comparison with the equipment of other manufacturers, installation costs are much lower.

• We provide the required free S/W upgrade service by changing the standards of IMO and IHO.

Cost of Training

• Less maintenance cost can be achieved through substantial parts such as Fan-less CPU, SSD and external DVD, etc.

• A variety of maritime-based educational institutions (HMS/EUSU-SM/KIMFT/KMOU) are using our products.

• After installation on ship, we are providing TST(Type Specific Training) and certification free of charge.

EU MED 및 정부형식승인 획득

Acquired EU MED and
government type approvals like
SOLAS, IMO MSC.232(82), IEC 60945, 61174, 6228 and 61162, and satisfied domestic navigation system standards following international regulations and Ship Safety Act Satisfy international standards and criteria, and navigation system standards following domestic Ship Safety Act

PM3D Features and Adventage PM3D Displays variable charts & information layers

In PM3D, you can display the ENC(S-57), RNC(ARCS) and AIO simultaneously

Operable GPS, DPGS, GLONASS, Gyro, Compass, Periscope,
Speed LOG, AIS, VDR, RADAR, ARPA, Transponder,
AutoPilot, EchoSounder, Anemometer, Anemoscope

Free Customizing of the Interface

To improve user friendly service and required functions