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• Ship traffic management at ports and coastal areas got to have many demands due to responsibility for safety, security and environmental protection, and increasing traffic density and faster speed of ships got to demand advanced ship monitoring solutions whose performance was verified.
• The vessel traffic management (VTM) solution was developed to support various situations about planning, traffic condition monitoring, environmental protection and coastal security.
• The VTM solution can accept customers’ demands flexibly and can be expanded and set, so it provided the best solution to be applied for small and large ports and local and national-size coastal areas.
• The advanced, economic and credible solutions have been successfully installed in about 150 places across the world for all small and large systems.

시스템 일반 특징
  • 1
  • Linked to the existing systems through observing international standards, such as IVEF
  • 2
  • Modularized structure that can be easily expanded, maintained and repaired
  • 3
  • Improved radar technology for raising accuracy for object tracking
  • 4
  • Digitalize signals received from all sensors
  • 5
  • Concentration type Target processing and correction
  • 6
  • Automatically perceive dangers in navigation
  • 7
  • Function of storing and reproducing controlling records
  • 8
  • Strengthen security through differentiating access right

• Navi-Monitor is an integrated solution suitable for monitoring and remote monitoring.

• Navi-Monitor’s scope of functions and its interfacing with sensors and system flexibility provides highly effective and setting-changeable solutions for small and medium ports.

Main purposes

• Monitoring and identification of ships and navigation marks

• Guarantee effective traffic systems

• Detect illegal acts (terrorism, pirates, illegal entries, illegal fishing, smuggling)

• Provide collision prevention

• Support search and rescue activities of coastal guards

• Store VTS data for management and accident analysis

• Protect environment


• Systems of large ports, local and national scales

• Navi-Harbour of Transas is an advanced expandable solution.

• Promote maritime security, improve navigation efficiency, protect maritime environment and reduce negative effects on sea traffic of places adjacent to coasts

Main purposes

• Manage ship traffic and provide safety for large and high-density ports

• Effective utilization of port infrastructure (support observation f ISPS codes)

• Improve quality of port service

• Improve economic feasibility through reducing operation costs and improving efficiency of port operation

• Large-scale plans and traffic organizations in local or national regions

• Detect illegal acts

• Promote protection of lives and properties

• Reduce danger connected with maritime activities

• Provide early assistance for collision prevention

• Alleviate results of incidents, accidents and disasters

• Protect environment

• Distribute VTS-related information to persons concerned

• Store VTS data for management and accident analysis

• Support search and rescue activities for coast guards

Keyboards for Exclusive Use

Enhanced VTS keyboards are additional devices to rapidly input commands that are most frequently used.

Exclusive keyboards and keys are used to improve efficiency and convenience of programs.

A VTS keyboard consists of 71 keys of an ordinary PC keyboard and 48 special function keys of various colors.

Groups depending on functions: Target function, screen function, chart function, other functions