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  • `Type Approval (The Korean Gov.)
  • Type Approval (The Korean Gov.)
  • EU MED B (Lloyd)
  • EU MED B (Lloyd)
  • EU MED D (Lloyd)
  • EU MED D (Lloyd)
  • ISO 9001 (DNV-GL
  • ISO 9001 (DNV-GL)

EU MED (MED B / MED D ), Type Approval of the Korean Gov. SOLAS, IMO MSC.232(82), IEC 60945, 61174, 62288 & 61162
Our products comply with the regulations and standards of both the Korean government and international authorities.
* we have a plan to upgrade performance of ECDIS by new IEC 61174(2015 : Ed.4)


Since we have pursued the development our indigenous ECDIS from the year 2000, our products have been being installed in more than 100 war ships of the R.O.K Navy and ships of Korea Coast Guard so far.
As the result of type approval from the South Korean government in 2015, our sales record to the national flag ships is steadily on the rise.
Since the product's approval by EU MED, we have been supplying ECDIS units to the national shipping companies in Korea and the sales record is rapidly increasing.
(*ref. : more than 158 in 2015 ) From 2016, we will supply PM3D to overseas shipping companies and develop advanced technologies in cooperation with other maritime partners.

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